CULTIVATE momentum. 

Make more money (on purpose).

Actualize your Vision. Lead. 

You want to make more ...AND


You care as much (if not more) about the impact of your work & leadership in the world. 

We’re here to say that, You haven’t lost the plot.  YOUR VISION TO DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY?


Decidedly, Unequivocally Possible.  AND more PIvotal than ever. And!  You can….


We provide coaching, business training, and community for business leaders & CEOs focused on sovereignty. 

Sovereignty for themselves & those who buy from them.  Not ‘I’m the boss and ruler supreme’ sovereignty but true–you hold yourself as sovereign from outside forces & systems that hold you back–sovereignty.

Here at the Art of Traction, we give the middle finger to privilege-centered law of attraction.  And focus leaders on building traction (vision+acumen+deconditioning=traction) to cultivate long-term momentum. 

We unfetter harmful & oppressive conditioning, help you cultivate expansive & disruptive business acumen (not just rote knowledge of cookie cutter tactics), and craft your vividest vision for the world/business you’re craving.  AND we do all of this is in lockstep with your values & commitments.

It’s BIG work, and it’s a privilege to do it with you.  



TO shift how business is done, in cahoots with people, planet, and profits. 

To cultivate new business structures that support women, queer, BIPOC, and other  ‘typically marginalized by white supremacist patriarchy’ groups of folks.  To build new streams and ways of cultivating wealth, redefine what wealth even means, & reclaim abundance from the heteronormative, neurotypical, christian, and wellness communities.  

SMALL POTATOES. See also?  Make business & leadership more fun, fruitful, and joyful for more people.  

Our Big ‘Why’

THE Art of Traction PODCAST 

Conversations about business, the damge of profit over all/money-only messaging, the issues with impact and what it means, the dynamics of business as a queer/BIPOC/neuroatypical human, and so much more.  Presented in a unique format (for a business podcast).  New episodes hit the streets every other week.  



 Are you ready to expand your capacity as a Sovereign CEO™?  

We’re not a community or coaching company for those looking to be a ‘#bossbabe’ or ‘owner’.  But rather for those who long to lead by valuing people, planet, and profit in unique & sustainable ways.  All in service of your highest vision.   

Our work is part consulting (business strategy in integrity with your energetics), and part coaching (vision cultivating & unfettering your conditioning).

If you’re ready to actualize your vision through community & business coaching that honors sovereignty (and says fuck off to codependency), expands leadership capacity, and is deeply rooted in praxis?
…Look no further


Ready to savor a
(big & permanent shift) in how you approach actualizing your vision & cultivating thriving profits in your business?

Get the Future Writing® Workshop and one month access to an infinitely supportive community space for $27.  AND learn the one and only thing you need to change everything. Really.


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