The Art of Traction is a Community & Capacity-Building Coaching Company for Status-Quo Eschewing Entrepreneurs.   We’re a “queer-owned, cooperative profit sharing, & run by women/Non-Binary Humans (B Corp-applying)” Group.


Our mission?

To cultivate Your capacity to do big, deep work.  

Need a nudge?  

Consider this your permanent permission to want what you want, desire what you desire, crave what you crave.  But also know…that the desire for change in and of itself?  Does not actualization make.  




 …to actualize your desired outcomes (rather than selling you ours as a marketing strategy)

…for traction and momentum (towards your own goals)

…to see differently, and strategize to that (based on your personal energetics)

….to understand and leverage solid business acumen (not just feed you tactics to repurpose) 

And, most importantly? Capacity to disentangle from the systems of oppression that you’ve been conditioned into.

Here’s the thing…You are what the world needs now. Likely, the world needed you and your work long ago.

But here you are.  Now.  Ready to build capacity so you can take those soul-stirring things into the world.  *insert well-deserved fist bump here*.

We want you to unlock your sovereign, unfettered vision for your business. We want your most full-flavored, values-led, leadership capacity unleashed.  We want you to be able to dive deep into values-driven capital, and make profit on purpose. 

Why?  Because building a six-figure ’empire’ without being able to answer ‘WHY?’ down to the very last atom is tired.  And your capacity to be a Sovereign CEO™?  Utterly important to take your vision into traction and actualize it. 

(Note:  A CEO is anyone who runs a business or makes money from their craft.  In this case we use the executive title for the head decision maker in an organization of any size.  Not as a vanity title.)


Desires, cravings, and soul longings have a way of bubbling up, your fire & Vision can’t smolder foreveR UNDER THE GUISE OF ‘I’ll do it later’.

Let us be the oxygen that feeds your inner wildfire for cultivating what you long for in this world & your own inner world.

We're a 'put-your-values-where-your-mouth-is' mission-driven company. And giving back to our community–like the actual community we serve–is baked directly into our business models.


All team members are paid a minimum of $20 an hour, no matter what their role is. Never less. Never. No matter where they live in the world. (This means we don't use low-cost, outsourced services)

We have robust give-back structures built into our membership programs. Including community-care funds, and investment pools.

We are committed to anti-racist hiring & ways of being, and actively move away from white supremacist, capitalist practices. This does not mean we don't make profits, we just do so in a way that removes exploitation.

We do not engage in manufactured scarcity marketing, predatory pricing practices, or usury fees for payment plans. We actively seek to dismantle reactionary purchasing, and make it clear that your decision to work with us - or not - is your choice.

We value diversity and uphold the notion that diversity is a vast tapestry and not limited to one thing.

The work we do is integrative. It's business consulting, it's economics, it's leadership expansion. And it's deeply rooted in long-term praxis, not quick turnaround methodology. If you want to read about our CEO's history and praxis you can click here.

ALL of our group training programs have built-in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work. We hire experts who train our participants and pay them a minimum of $250 an hour.

We share these for your knowledge, and for transparency.  You don’t necessarily have to share all of them to work with us.  Values are personal, friends.


I'm Makenna Held, and I founded the Art of Traction as a space for cultivating critical theories of change within the praxis of business.

I began my career in the corporate tech world, leading an advertising team responsible for scaling a company to the billion a year mark (back when that was a bit more novel).  After that stint in corporate, I went on to teach at multiple colleges and universities, led a non-profit in Rural Kenya, built a six figure (silly metric) consulting and coaching practice, and then bought the former summer home of Julia Child in the South of France.  

The Art of Traction was built to combat the ‘you’re the one who is broken’ refrains within the Self-Help community.  I spent the past 10 years looking at new ways to cultivate goal setting and profitable businesses, that focus on uplift instead of uphold. 

I love to support other entrepreneurs in cultivating businesses that shift the heteronormative, ableist, white supremacist patriarchal structures that so often hold back creative, values & commitments driven humans from doing their boldest and bravest work.  The Art of Traction is a space to do that.  

meet the rest of our incredible team.

Our ever-expanding family is made up of seekers, thinkers, Coaches, and Creatives.

Chris Nylund

Creative Producer, & Chief Student Success Officer

Erin Zimmerman

COO & Right Hand Woman

Ruby Peel

Community Manager


Deb Valentine

Future Writing Facilitator in Training

-Old Tired Belief I Let Go Of: "There is a Great Allower in the Sky controlling my life."  

-A new one I'm cultivating: "I am the Allower in my life, in partnership with Spirit, Earth, other people etc. for sure, but mostly it's me who does the allowing and the choosing."  

-A commitment I have for the world: Facilitate hard conversations across emotionally charged differences in order to to disrupt systems of oppression and bring more healing, freedom, joy and justice into the world especially for Black people, non-Black POC and womxn.

Larissa Parson

Future Writing Facilitator in Training

-Old Tired Belief I Let Go Of: The idea that we need magic fairy dust sprinkled on us by someone else in order to find joy.

-A (Not-So) New Belief That I'm Cultivating: The possibility that we can build the world we want by committing to joy as a path to justice.

-A Commitment I Have For The World: I'm committed to helping as many people as I can find delight in having a body.

Lee Pope

Future Writing Facilitator in Training

-Old Tired Belief I Let Go Of: I felt for most of my life that I could not have what I wanted, and was heartbroken and discouraged.

-A New Belief That I'm Cultivating: The last part of this life is going to be the best part!

-A Commitment I Have For The World: I'm committed - and excited - to help women bloom into more than they knew was possible.

Lila Simmons

Future Writing Facilitator in Training

-Old Tired Belief I Let Go Of: Future Writing has helped me to access desire after having buried it nearly 30 years ago.

-A New Belief That I'm Cultivating: When I Future Write, I learn about desires that I didn't know I had for my family, for myself and for my work in the world. My entire life looks different and I'm massively happier.

-A Commitment I Have For The World: I am committed to creating more peace, power and freedom in the world.

Sara El-Sayeh

Future Writing Facilitator in Training

-Old Tired Belief I Let Go Of: A VERY tired belief of grand gestures / superhuman notion of saving the world

-A New Belief That I'm Cultivating: One step at a time world-change. To go easy on myself alternating between zooming in and out for perspective.

-A Commitment I Have For The World: To facilitate the remembrance of our wholeness. Decolonizing and liberating the True Self from all the 'things' that come with being in this world.

Susan Gray

Future Writing Facilitator in Training

-Old Tired Belief I Let Go Of: The big takeaway for me was that in every instance of self-limiting beliefs, I had given away my power. I am taking that back.

-A New Belief That I'm Cultivating: The life I am living is organized to suit my needs, and I focus my energy and time on projects and ways of being that create thriving for me, my family, friends, and community.

-A Commitment I Have For The World: To model survival into thrival - we can start from any wounding and walk the road to wholeness. This is personal and also political - for me the personal guides the political. It is also spiritual, the whole road Home.

Sarina Harz

Future Writing Facilitator in Training

-Old Tired Belief I Let Go Of: I cannot do what I love and make money doing it while being in service to my people.

-A New Belief That I'm Cultivating: If I s-l-o-w d-o-w-n, the world will be even more extraordinary.

-A Commitment I Have For The World: To make magic and ritual accessible under the guidance of my ancestors and descendants.

Susie Csomer

Future Writing Facilitator in Training

-Old Tired Belief I Let Go Of ...thanks to working with Makenna and Future Writing revolves around the idea that I needed someone else to tell me that I am okay, that I will be okay. This translates into me as the master of my own Emotional Sovereignty, thus, Future Writing has helped to serve to soothe my PTSD and traumatic response to stress.

-A New Belief That I'm Cultivating: I hold healthy, safe space for my students, clients, and writers to create their own trajectory to success, focusing on mental and emotional literacy as a piece of what it means to be sovereign and successful.

-A Commitment I Have For The World: I believe completely in the role of literacy as a fundamental component for self-actualization in the world we live in. I am committed to sharing the gift of literacy with as many beings as I have the privilege to encounter, based on their needs and wants to help them accomplish what they came here to do.

Tara Sol

Future Writing Facilitator in Training

-Old Tired Belief I Let Go Of: Future Writing has opened my heart and thoughts up to dreaming bigger. In the past I've stopped myself from dreaming into what could be because it seemed "too much" for me, or activated my feelings of not wanting to call too much attention to myself by being bigger in the world.

-A New Belief That I'm Cultivating: Acknowledging my gifts and really letting them shine. I'm lovingly working on the part of me that, when receiving a compliment, immediately jumps to "they're just being nice, they don't really mean it" and shifting it into one that receives it fully and let's it deeply sink in.

-A Commitment I Have For The World: To show up as I am, to whatever it is I'm involved in and to whomever I'm working with. Let's skip the pretense and get to the real sooner than later.

Crafting Authority is NOT our jam. Proof of Praxis? Hell yes.

As a collective, we are diverse group of coaches, energy healers, movement teachers, writers, artists, and creatives.

Every single human on our team is deeply passionate about cultivating change, holds deep commitments to equity (it shows up differently for each of us), and also a desire to cultivate our best work, and help others to do the same.  

We’re all here to support the collective capacity of commitments-driven humans to grow baby grow.  

Come grow with us. 

Want to get in touch with us?


Want to chat speaking opportunities?  Courageous Cooking experiences at your own company?  Team coaching?  Collaborations? Feel free to reach out to us.  We’d love to chat.  

Email Address

team at makennaheld dot com

phone number

Just shout into the void, we’ll answer.  (Kidding)


France, Vera the VW, Colorado, and More…

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