Advertising and how women treat other women

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I’m not sharing this for your sympathy, pity, or to even show your support.  I am sharing this because I want you to see what it’s like to respond to naysayers when you’re an entrepreneur.  Because as a women/non-binary human/femme presenting person?  

This. Will. Happen. To. You. If. You. Ever. Advertise.  IF you get visible.  ALL of it will happen.  It’s part of the process, and it’s terrible.  BUT you get to CHOOSE how you respond.  (Respond, not react)

When I bought Julia Child’s house?  People lambasted me saying I was a spoiled child who’s family bought her a play thing.  Which isn’t even what happened.  Also that play thing is a nearly seven figure revenue earner a year.  (Profit is another story)

When I run ads, this happens all the time.  They will comment on your looks, your clothes, no. matter. what.  EVEN if you dress ‘perfectly’.  

Here’s some screenshots of what happened most recently.  And the images.  

Point of this is?  DO YOU.  

KEEP GOING.  And Fuck the naysayers.  

For the record, I am totally ok. Utterly not offended. I’m not even sharing for validation, I’m sharing because I think it’s a useful sociological study on how people respond to women who stand in their own power and capacity. And it makes sense that people (especially feminine presenting humans) are terrified of doing so and why my entire career as a coach exists.

(Also, I am posting this because if you find the photos unflattering, think it’s unprofessional, or off-putting?  I’m likely not the person for you or the coach for you. Or perhaps an unfettering session might be a good idea!  <3 )

THE PATRIARCHY CLAIMS WOMENS BODIES AS PROBLEMATIC.  Our bodies are not problematic.  Remember that.  

The first example is below…..It’s an advertisement for future writing.  

The next one?  I did as a response to the previous ones.  Here’s the image and the text and the comments.  🙂

Getting to the place where we can finally let go, and be unfettered? Takes work.

Side note: If this image feels offensive? There’s likely some unfettering to do.

Why the word Unfetter?
It means to release from restraint or inhibition.

And it takes some work.

I’m not going to blow smoke and say that I’ve always been ‘this way’. A multi-business entrepreneur who is unapologetically my muppet-y, scrunchy nosed, self.

Freedom from my brains very stringent shackles came from a lot of work. Deconditioning. Patience. And releasing of self-loathing.

I didn’t get to ‘self-love’ by love and light. I got here through partnership with humans–coaches, my husband, my friends, and the universe. Being unfettered doesn’t mean that I still don’t have ‘stuff’. It just means I have LESS stuff, and the stuff feels lighter.

In these strange times, I’ve decided to offer one off sessions to 10 humans who could use some unfettering. Because…In this world? It’s what we need. We need more humans who have busted out of their conditioning, and are willing to show up without stories they have picked up along the way.

These sessions will be 90 minutes. $500. And I’m throwing in a week of voxer support AFTER the sessions to keep the momentum.

During these sessions the following will occur….

* Bust past conditioning and into new truths
* Discuss how human design can release false beliefs (even if they FEEL true)
* Collectively build practices for to maintain and gain momentum to move forward
* Do an energetic rewire for immediate shifts
* Cultivate a plan to create long-term results
* AND an invite to a community where the work can continue.

I’m offering 10 of these, 2 of them have been taken already. That leaves 8 to go. Just message me to claim one.

POINT of all of this?  

* Don’t judge other women for their clothing choices.  

* Modesty isn’t a value held by all.

* Being in your power will make people uncomfortable.

* Professional is a bullshit word that is weaponized to belittle primarily people who hold identities other than heterosexual, white, male.

*. You can have cleavage AND be a boss.  They are NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE.  

Also?  That is my favorite dress in all the world, and I wear it as often as I can.  

GO BE YOU my friends.  And don’t put other women down if your ‘values’ don’t match theirs.  Values and morals are not universal, and the patriarchy wants us all to be a bit smaller.  A lot less sexual.  And a bit less powerful.  DON’T ACCEPT THAT.  

xx Makenna

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