Sovereign CEO

A year-long business mentorship portal into making exceptionally more money and cultivating wild, sovereign capacity to do business your way.


That ‘one size fits most’ course sold to you as THE ONLY answer to your six or seven figure dream life? Old hat, and a bit…dishonest.

Those business coaches showing you THE ONLY STRATEGY to have a profitable business?? (Whether it’s high-ticket, one program, many programs). Out of your energetic integrity, and not built to your way of being.

Those step-by-step tactics you tried following to make ‘all that money’ *makes it rain gesture* that did nothing but confuse your audience? Tired. Ineffective. Flat.

And yet…They ALL feel like they should HAVE BEEN the air-tight answer, don’t they? After all, these folks are the purported experts on building a business online.

Right? Riiiiiiiiight?!?!?!?!


All these formulas? They work…Kinda.  At least for a while.

But the issue here is that there is no magic bullet.  

All businesses are different and require different business models & strategy. And there is no ‘one way’.  There is only YOUR way.

Because each of us? We each have DIFFERENT values. Different desires. Different visions for our individual and collective futures. And DIFFERENT businesses (yes, even two seemingly identical coaching businesses ARE different). So, unless your desired outcomes match the exact desired outcomes of the course/container creator?

They. Will. Fail. You.
Time and time again.

Maybe not today, but in the long-run you’ll burn out, lose interest, profits will wane. Because doing things ‘their way’ sweeps your desires, energy, and values under the rug to hang with the dust bunnies. Never to be seen again.

And that is a big fucking problem.

So….HOW does an equity-led, often neuro-atypical, values-driven entrepreneur see unprecedented business & income growth?

✨ When everything out there is cut from the same damn cloth, doesn’t match your vision, and makes you feel so freaking tired and expending spoons left and right?

✨ AND do it without hiring your very own COO with an MBA and a six-figure base salary?


Enter....The Art of Sovereignty

A 12 month business mentorship & expansion experience built to cultivate, nurture, and flourish your capacity to lead & grow your wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

Based on tried and true business acumen, that works FOR YOUR energetics, your brain & body capacity, your values, and your desired outcomes.

Before you even START with the eyeroll of ‘oh here’s another coach talking about sovereignty and being a CEO’ let me ask you to pause. The name is important.

AND what I mean is…

* Sovereign :: enjoying autonomy

“potent in a high degree”, ruler of your own domain, not dependent on outside authority, see also: supreme decision maker. Above outside sources 

*NOT ‘sovereign above all others and outside of the collective’.  And not *without* outside sources, just *above*.

CEO :: Chief Executive Officer

lead decision-maker within an organization, NOT a boss, but rather the human being tasked with and responsible for cultivating, integrating, and implementing the direction and strategy of an organization or business.

(Psssst…THAT is you, my friend).

Yeah…*shrugs* Sovereign and CEO are synonyms. Shrimp Scampi. Twelve Midnight. End Result. Sometimes things are so nice you need to name them twice.


What exacly is The Art of Sovereignty?

Part business accelerator, a peer mastermind, deep community with like minded humans, a resource library, and VERY high-touch coaching program that guides you to be deeply connected to, and grow, YOUR inner capacity and compass so you can most effectively…

Double (Or More) your BUsiness revenue in 12 months

We want you to thrive, and we believe that you can simply and effectively double your monthly or yearly revenue using our methods.  While we won’t guarantee that, because we can’t, we have experience helping clients do just. that.

By the end of the 12 months?  We hope your business revenue (monthly or yearly) will have doubled. 

actualize your vision...QUICKLY

Vision is the key piece to the leadership puzzle.  And we’re here to hold, guide, and hone your vision. AND make it happen. Faster than you have ever dreamed possible. 


Because a successful business never starts with the HOW, it starts with the WHAT.  We hone in on the what, and make it work for you. 

cultivate sovereign capacity for decision making...WITH EASE

You’ll emerge with the capacity to follow your inner authority, to make decisions even *without* embodied business knowledge AND without having to pander to a business guru.

Build your business acumen...WITHOUT AN MBA

The best skill you can learn in your business?  Being your *own* strategist.  So you don’t need courses (except technical and tactical) and the strategy comes from your energy/heart/authority, not your head.  

slay your personal and professional goals...SIMPLY

In this container?  We’re focused on action.  It’s far less coaching, and far more ‘get shit done’.  We’re not a space for you to ‘doom scroll’ the community page. We’re here to catalyze you into action. 


ALL while keeping your values intact.

PHEW! *deep breath*


You don’t need another ‘my-way-or-the-poor-way’ business coach. You don’t need one more plug-n-play way of doing business.

The Art of Sovereignty is built to be different.

You deserve to have strategies (and the tactics required to implement them) that WORK in integrity with your longings & values. Not the longings and values that have been thrust into your lap as ‘correct’ through NLP mindset-washing. (Ew).

What WE vision for YOU?
To grow your business sustainably, in integrity with your desired outcomes, expand your capacity as a CEO, and with a customized energetic strategy built for you using tried and true business tactics that you love to implement.

We're a bit different around these parts.

The path to become a Sovereign CEO is cultivated through three pillars



As CEO of your business it is your job to hold your sovereign vision. Because, if you can’t visualize it, then hell… you can’t actualize it, and you damn well can’t strategize for it. Taking action steps not only brings the future to fruition, but it also propels your people to follow you. There is no right or wrong way to lead. For you, there is only your way. This allows you to lead with your vision, allowing you to do what you need within your values.  

Unfettered self

We start with YOUR unique human design. It’s an imperfect (but hey, that’s how humans are) and super effective system to understand your base energetics. It’s what tells us what we’re good at so we can decide where to focus our energy. This also prepares us to disrupt any conditioning–family, friends, society, circumstance, previous coaches–to get rid of the things that feel true right now but ultimately…aren’t. It will help us refocus time after time. After all, you’re already abundant. You are plentiful.

Righteous Business Acumen

And when I say “righteous” I mean it in the very 80’s “radical, tubular, totally excellent” sense.

Every business needs to have a business model & a delivery model that makes your heart sing. But, what works will be unique to you and your offers. Figure out what the hell that is so you can deliver, market, and sell. Speaking of sales, they only work when done in a non-shitty way. Your clients will want to work with you when they feel you’re giving them an offer, not forcing them to fall for “tricks.” Once you make that sale, it’s time to understand money is a renewable and plentiful resource. It’s not something to fear. It’s something that comes with having righteous business acumen. Excellent.

Let's find your flourishing, and make more money. On purpose.

Your Visions, Goals, and Values

Are what set you apart from the pack

So you want to hit a six figure income. Great!
But let me ask you this…WHY?
Is it because it sounds…NICE?

Stop yourself, right there. Right now.

Because, if your ONLY goal is to have a six-figure income just because that’s what you’ve been told to dream by another guru…I want you to find another goal. STAT.

Your goals are so much more than those damned dollar signs (Though, let’s get you that too, that’s the whole damn point of this ‘running a business thing’).

* They’re to make an impact with your customers/clients through your own theory of change.

* To cultivate new ways of being in yourself, your leadership, and how you respond to your business & others.

* To build a business model that works with your energetics, your values, and market it in a way that feels light & breezy.  

* To build a business model that works with your energetics, your values, and market it in a way that feels light & breezy.  


Hell Yeah? I hope so.  Because, that’s what The Sovereign CEO Accelerator is all about.

* It’s breaking away from the cookie cutters that keep cutting you trying to make you fit into them. (OUCH!)

* It’s a community that will help you grow stronger rather than pull you apart.

* It’s helping you create a personalized business strategy based off of your goals, and holding your values close.  AND turning that into a sustainable, scaleable business ready to grow in impact, and cash. 

We want to see youR flourishing. In all of it's splendor.

after 12 months in The Art of Sovereignty....

Your business, it's cashflow, strategy, & marketing & your capacity to lead...will ALL be the least of your concerns.

I want you to wake up every day and feel like....


Your Business Model is easy to implement (either by you or your colleagues) & you love selling what you offer.  Your services/products you offer, and HOW you offer them feels deeply integrous to your entire desired way of being in the world, aligns with your commitments, and is wildly informed by your closest held values.  

You can take time off if you need/want to (and so can your colleagues), and without it completely upending the success of your business.  Capitalism is a thief of so many things, and time is one of them.  I want you to know that you have money coming in, that you know exactly how much and when.  And that if your brain/body/spirit needs a break, you can take it.  Without it affecting your bottom line.  

You have the money you need to make your bills, pay the humans who support your business, AND have plenty left over to do whatever. you. want. with it. AND that it feels good at the same time.    When you hold commitments to shifting how money is utilized in this world, it can be hard to rectify.  I want you to never have to panic about cashflow again, AND I want the goings and comings of money to incite joy, not stress.  

You don’t NEED another coach, or course to solve your business dilemmas.  Because…What dilemmas?  SCA is about building capacity, so that you can answer your questions AND make decisions using your own compass, and not need to turn to another pivot in your business model to ‘make it work’.



To get you to the point where running your business is an embodied, attuned process.  Where you don’t need another course, program, or coach to grow to the next level. You can do it on your own.  That investing further in yourself is a choice, not a requirement.


Sovereign CEO Accelerator is built to support you in developing your capacity and embodied leadership. Through coaching & teaching.  Learning & practice.  

And our biggest dream?  That you need far less (if any) piecemeal courses that you cobble together into a semblance of a strategy.  Because all of that?  Is sorted.  Clear.  Profitable.  And simple for you to integrate, implement, and is set up for success to grow incrementally over the longhaul.

And that is The Ultimate mission of the Art of Sovereignty

All applicants will get access to the Sovereign CEO Training. 


What's included For EVERY Member in the Art of Sovereignty?


One-on-ONe Kickoff Call with Makenna & our COO

After you sign up? You get 45 minutes with me, and 45 minutes with Erin. Together we’ll do a quick reading of your Human Design, familiarize yourself with the platforms and the spaces we use, and answer any questions you have. AND get clear on your current next quarter strategy.



Every Monday, at Noon Eastern you have the opportunity to come join Makenna LIVE for a small-group coaching call.  

You can ask anything about the material you’re working through, and get coaching on things that are holding you back right now.  



Each and every week you can submit ONE piece of content for a review and/or edit, with personalized feedback. Examples of content we’ll review? A video, a blog post, an email, a podcast episode, sales copy.

JUST this service alone is almost worth the price of the monthly membership….


Quarterly One-on-One KPI check-ins

We’ll review your key performance indicators each month, and see how you’re doing.  Offering feedback along the way about what’s working, and what’s not.

THEN Each quarter you’ll meet with one of our strategists (based on your needs) to review your current strategy, learning plan, and tactics, and we’ll assist you to make adjustments where needed.  


Curated, Small-Group Mastermind

When you join SCA, you join a larger community AND a cohort that will be your grounding into the container.   

In addition to the open weekly calls, you also have 6 cohort calls of 90 minutes with Makenna, over the course of. 9 months.  We can add additional calls with our facilitators if your cohort wants to meet more regularly.  

You’ll be assigned a cohort within 3 months of joining. 


Easy to Use Playsheets

All you could possibly need to track, implement, and understand if your work is paying off.  We keep track, and we provide you EVERYTHING you need to keep yourself on track.  

Even if you hate/love/detest/find it joyful to do math-y and track-y things.



A year ago, I quit facebook groups and moved to a Mighty Network. THERE IS LITERALLY A CALL EVERY SINGLE DAY in the space to keep you on track if you’re feeling adrift. We have co-future writing, get shit done sessions, teaching calls, and movement sessions. This is a space built for embodiment and practice. NO fluff, no time wasting. Just a space to hold your feet to the fire and cultivate presence and growth. Add this routine to your schedule and you never have to feel lost in your business again.

THESE CALLS ARE FOCUSED ON TAKING ACTION.  They are not ‘come sit and get stuck’ or spin your wheels calls.  



At least once a quarter we’ll send you something straight to your door. 

While I am no influencer, I am a person who values well-made, integrous products cultivated for humans. Everything that will be sent to you, will be curated. 

We favor heavily queer, BIPOC, and women owned companies.


a yearly In-Person Retreat
The next one?

A peek into our next retreat on Lake Atitlan. 

AND access to every business/personal growth program we've every created. So you can access on your own time to expand your capacity and move you forward between calls.




The Sovereign CEO Whisperer

*waves wildly*

Hi! I’m Makenna. CEO of Okay, Perfect.  And business mentor & leadership coach for small-business (less than $10 million a year in revenue) owners & CEOs. I also happen to be a multi-passionate entrepreneur who’s built multiple profitable businesses during my time on this rock hurtling through space at 1000 MPH.

Before I took to the online world, and cultivated the elating and soul-sucking mythical 6-figure-coaching-business, I was a lecturer of Business and Economics at universities around the world.  SURPRISE!  I bring that energy to the accelerator, too.

I’m a strange one in the online world, equally resourced in teaching, coaching, and business know-how.  Which makes me lethal in helping you grow your business, in accordance with your values, and on freaking purpose.

My mission on this dang planet?  Is to cut the nonsense of ‘this is the way to do things’ in the business world, and find YOUR way of doing this.  

Also? I am an Executive MBA student, ABD in my PhD program (where I research the performativity of leadership especially among white dudes), runs multiple businesses, and I also coach other values-driven humans to make money that works for them, instead of against them.  Because wealth creation & well-capacitated income can occur without exploitation.  

Apply to the Accelerator!

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Hear more regularly from me!

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