Those courses you bought sitting on the digital shelf? Old hat.

Those business coaches showing you THE way to do things that they learned from their coach who coaches coaches to coach coaches?? Out of your energetic integrity. 

Those step-by-step programs you tried following that fell flat to your audience? Tired. 

And yet…They feel like they should be the air-tight answer, don’t they? After all, these folks are the purported experts on building a business online.

Right? Riiiiiiiiight?!?!?!?!


All those courses? Eh, they work for some entrepreneurs.
Those business coaches with specific paths to follow?
Yes, I suppose they do work for some business owners, too.
All those step-by-step programs?
They also work…for some businesses.

Do you see the trend here?….You are not ‘some’ or even ‘most’ entrepreneurs.

In fact, the idea of ‘most entrepreneurs’ – as if there’s a gauge for normalcy in entrepreneurship – is not even a ‘thing’ in reality. It’s just a thing we’re marketed.

Because each of us? We each have DIFFERENT values. Different desires. Different visions for our individual and collective futures. And DIFFERENT businesses (yes, even two business coaching businesses ARE different). So, unless your desired outcomes match the exact desired outcomes of the course/container creator?

They. Will. Fail. You.
Time and time again.

Maybe not today, but in the long-run you’ll burn out, lose interest, profits will wane. Because doing things ‘their way’ sweeps your desires, energy, and values under the rug to hang with the dust bunnies. Never to be seen again.

So, you see? It’s not that these strategies/tactics/courses are broken.
And pssst…in case you’re wondering: it’s not that you are broken, either.
Not by a long shot.

It’s just that those strategies don’t match your desired outcomes. You’ve been strategizing to THEIR values, not yours.  

And that is a big fucking problem.

NEWs flash?  strategy is nuanced.    


And most businesses don’t even HAVE one. 

While strategy is not difficult, it is complex, and *should* be personalized to your/the companies desired outcomes/values/energy.

So, how does a heartfirst, values-driven entrepreneur like you see business growth–when everything out there is cut from the same damn cloth and doesn’t match your vision–without hiring your very own COO with an MBA and a six-figure base salary?


The Sovereign CEO Circle

A ongoing business coaching & strategic consulting container built to cultivate, nurture, and expand your capacity to lead & grow your business.

Based on tried and true business acumen, that works FOR YOUR energetics, your values, and your desired outcomes.

Before you even START with the eyeroll of ‘oh here’s another coach talking about sovereignty and being a CEO’ let me ask you to pause. The name is important.

AND what I mean is…

* Sovereign :: enjoying autonomy

“potent in a high degree”, ruler of your own domain, not dependent on outside authority, see also: supreme decision maker. Above outside sources.

*NOT ‘sovereign above all others and outside of the collective’ 

CEO :: Chief Executive Officer

lead decision-maker within an organization, NOT a boss, but rather the human being tasked with and responsible for cultivating, integrating, and implementing the direction and strategy of an organization or business.

(Psssst…THAT is you, my friend).

Yeah…*shrugs* Sovereign and CEO are synonyms. Shrimp Scampi. Twelve Midnight. End Result. Sometimes things are so nice you need to name them twice.


And the Sovereign CEO Circle?

A mastermind, community, course vault, and high-touch, hybrid coaching program that guides you to be deeply connected to, and grow, YOUR inner capacity and compass so you can most effectively…

slay your personal and professional goals

In this container?  We’re focused on action.  It’s far less coaching, and far more ‘get shit done’.  We’re not a space for you to ‘doom scroll’ the community page. We’re here to catalyze you into action. 

actualize your vision

Vision is the key piece to the leadership puzzle.  And we’re here to hold, guide, and hone your vision. AND make it happen. Faster than you have ever dreamed possible. 

cultivate sovereign capacity for decision making

You’ll emerge with the capacity to follow your inner authority, to make decisions even *without* embodied business knowledge AND without having to pander to a business guru.

Build your business acumen

The best skill you can learn in your business?  Being your *own* strategist.  So you don’t need courses (except technical and tactical) and the strategy comes from your energy/heart/authority, not your head.  


ALL while keeping your values intact.

PHEW! *deep breath*


Your Visions, Goals, and Values

Are what set you apart from the pack

So you want to hit a six figure income. Great!
But let me ask you this…WHY?
Is it because it sounds…NICE?

Stop yourself, right there. Right now.

Because, if your goal is to have a six-figure income just because that’s what you’ve been told to dream by another guru…I need you to find another goal. STAT.

Your goals are so much more than those damned dollar signs (Though, let’s get you that too).

* They’re to make an impact.
* To cultivate new ways of being in yourself and your surroundings.
* To do something totally different from what you’ve seen before.

Your business could make profits that will…

* Be placed right back into your community.
* Employ creative, collaborative powerhouses.
* Give you the opportunity to make progressive waves with more clients who need your service.
* Give you space from the hustle in order to ideate, create, and innovate.

Hell Yeah! That’s what Sovereign CEO Circle is all about.

* It’s breaking away from the cookie cutters that keep cutting you trying to make you fit into them. (OUCH!)

* It’s a community that will help you grow stronger rather than pull you apart.

* It’s helping you create a personalized business strategy based off of your goals, and holding your values close.

Let's MAKE THAT MONEY, On PURPOSE, my friend!

You don’t need another ‘my-way-or-the-poor-way’ business coach. You don’t need one more plug-n-play way of doing business.

Sovereign CEO Circle is different.

You deserve to have strategies (and the tactics required to implement them) that WORK in integrity with your longings & values. Not the longings and values that have been thrust into your lap as ‘correct’ through NLP mindset-washing. (Ew).

What WE vision for YOU?
To grow your business sustainably, in integrity with your desired outcomes, expand your capacity as a CEO, and with a customized energetic strategy built for you using tried and true business tactics that you love to implement.

We're a bit different around these parts.

Your capacity expansion is cultivated through three pillars



As CEO of your business it is your job to hold your sovereign vision. Because, if you can’t visualize it, then hell… you can’t actualize it, and you damn well can’t strategize for it. Taking action steps not only brings the future to fruition, but it also propels your people to follow you. There is no right or wrong way to lead. For you, there is only your way. This allows you to lead with your vision, allowing you to do what you need within your values.

Unfettered self

We start with YOUR unique human design. It’s an imperfect (but hey, that’s how humans are) and super effective system to understand your base energetics. It’s what tells us what we’re good at so we can decide where to focus our energy. This also prepares us to disrupt any conditioning–family, friends, society, circumstance, previous coaches–to get rid of the things that feel true right now but ultimately…aren’t. It will help us refocus time after time. After all, you’re already abundant. You are plentiful.

Righteous Business Acumen

And when I say “righteous” I mean it in the very 80’s “radical, tubular, totally excellent” sense. Every business needs to have a business structure. But, what works will be unique to you and your offers. Figure out what the hell that is so you can deliver, market, and sell. Speaking of sales, they only work when done in a non-shitty way. Your clients will want to work with you when they feel you’re giving them an offer, not forcing them to fall for “tricks.” Once you make that sale, it’s time to understand money is a renewable and plentiful resource. It’s not something to fear. It’s something that comes with having righteous business acumen. Excellent.

To get you to the point where you don’t need another course, program, or coach. Unless that program is tactical. And actually teaches you or a team member a new skill. Because as a business owner? You need actual embodiment around running YOUR business.  Not all businesses. 


That is what Sovereign CEO Circle will do for you.

You’ll know YOUR business. Inside/Out. Backwards and forwards. Without getting a freaking MBA or spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on coaching to get you there. (I fell on that proverbial grenade for you)

The mission of the Sovereign CEO Circle?

Investment Options

you’ve got choices.

SCC memberships start with $1000 downpayment and hold a one year commitment. After that?

$500 a month for 11 months

Includes one year of Group Coaching, Community, and a delicious Retreat to Guatelmala

LESS cult, more community.

Yes. You heard me right.


I’m not your almighty leader/queen/bossbabe/guru. You don’t have to shut out the entire outside world and only listen to me. You don’t have to show up in all black, and gyrate to a didgeridoo in order to access ‘my magic that I download from the ether’. I’m not here to tell you that you have to follow in my footsteps the exact way that worked for me.


I know better than that. My experiences are different from yours. My business is different. My privilege is different. My entire journey is different.


I’m here to reflect what you desire back at you and show you what I know regarding how to actualize it. And if the first way we come upon together doesn’t resonate with you? Then we’ll tinker with it until it fits perfectly. Need someone with a specific skillset our team *doesn’t* have? We’ll find someone in our rolodex who has it.


My way isn’t the way. Together, we will find your way AND combine it with proven business strategies & tactics that work. AND you’ll have a whole community to support you in embodying what works FOR YOU.


You are capable, sure. But you shouldn’t have to go at it all on your own.
Besides, it’s not a sustainable, easeful way of being- the life of a “solopreneur.”
Really, we all work better when we have the support. And solo? That’s an illusion anyway.

See, we are all going through the messy discovery together.

But there are boundless untapped possibilities within our community.

And together, we can cultivate, elevate, and embody a new strategy that fits uniquely YOU.


Inside the Circle?
The coaches are your guides, not gurus.
The classes are your textbooks, not your bible.
The community is your sounding board, your mutual support.
The community is what you make of it.

But YOU, your unique way of being, and your desired expansion are the damn drivers.

So, are you ready to Join us??


What's included in Sovereign CEO Circle?


One-on-ONe Kickoff Call with Makenna & erin

After you sign up? You get 45 minutes with me, 45 minutes with Erin. Together we’ll do a quick reading of your Human Design, familiarize yourself with the platforms and the spaces we use, and answer any questions you have. AND get clear on your current quarter strategy.


Curated, Small-Group Mastermind (Optional)

We create our circles based on your unique design AND how your human design interacts with the others in the space. This smaller circle meets monthly with Makenna and our COO, Erin. When you join, your circle will be at minimum 5 folks, and will be max 8 folks and will be a sealed container after 3 months.  If you choose to join a small pod, you’ll have twice a month facilitated meetings.


A vibrant community

We understand the value of a larger community. This is why you have access to the humans in all the other circles, too. (We’re launching three circles in February, so you’ll have YOUR circle, as well as two others to play with. And we hope to open a new circle at least once each quarter.)


Quarterly One-on-One KPI check-ins

We’ll review your key performance indicators each month, and see how you’re doing.

Each quarter you’ll meet with one of our strategists (based on your needs) to review your current strategy, learning plan, and tactics, and we’ll assist you to make adjustments where needed.  



Each and every week you can submit ONE piece of content for a review and/or edit, with personalized feedback. Examples of content we’ll review? A video, a blog post, an email, a podcast episode, sales copy.

JUST this service alone would be worth the price of the monthly membership….

Want to know what that looks like? Click here.


Easy to Use Playsheets

All you could possibly need to track, implement, and understand if your work is paying off.  We keep track, and we provide you EVERYTHING you need to keep yourself on track.  

Even if you hate/love/detest/find it joyful to do math-y and track-y things.


The Art of Traction Community for the Year

A year ago, I quit facebook groups and moved to a Mighty Network. THERE IS LITERALLY A CALL EVERY SINGLE DAY in the space to keep you on track if you’re feeling adrift. We have co-future writing, get shit done sessions, teaching calls, and movement sessions. This is a space built for embodiment and practice. NO fluff, no time wasting. Just a space to hold your feet to the fire and cultivate presence and growth. Add this routine to your schedule and you never have to feel lost in your business again.

THESE CALLS ARE FOCUSED ON TAKING ACTION.  They are not ‘come sit and get stuck’ calls.  



At least once a quarter we’ll send you something straight to your door. 

While I am no influencer, I am a person who values well-made, integrous products cultivated for humans. Everything that will be sent to you, will be curated. 

We favor heavily queer, BIPOC, and women owned companies.


a yearly In-Person Retreat

Each year, we will meet in-person (once COVID kicks the bucket) for a SEVEN night retreat. Three nights to get settled and adjusted and gather in space together, then three nights/four days of deep facilitated retreat, and one final night to integrate/be in community together.

Can’t stay for 7 days? Just come for the middle three nights/four days.  Shared lodging, meals, and transportation from the airport included (some single occupancy rooms are available for an additional fee).

When? February 2022 (Exact date TBD)

Where? Villa Sumaya, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

What we promise? It will be nourishing, heart-filling, and utterly beautiful.  We’ll focus on your business, your well-being, and your capacity.  Makenna has led over 80 retreats in the past five years, of many sizes.  And I am so excited to welcome you to this gorgeous space to experience the magic of gathering together.    

If we have to go virtual? We’ll make sure it’s the best virtual retreat you’ve ever had. But won’t be adjusting the cost of the experience, AND you’ll be able to join us in-person whenever travel opens again.

AND access to every Art of Traction program we've every created. So you can access on your own time to Expand Your Capacity and Move You Forward Between Calls:


Available immediately

My program focused on deconditioning the beliefs that no longer serve you and cultivating new ways of being without throwing yourself under the bus. You’ll walk through deconditioning, capacity building, and embodiment over six modules. .

Heartfirst method

available immediately

A movement practice meant to connect you to your inner wisdom. Specifically built for leaders looking for a way to release stress & tension from their bodies, and be more able to embody their inner wisdom.

the future writing library

available immediately

Access to my life-changing signature method of Future Writing, and all of it’s iterations. 

human design library

availabile immediately

Library of human design related content specific to marketing and sales by design.  

profit on purpose

Opens after 60 days in SCC

Financial fitness, profit mapping, and values-driven capital. 

sovereign sales school

Opens after 75 days in SCC

Cultivating a relationship to sales that is sleaze-free, and honors the sovereignty of yourself AND your client/potential client.  

real marketing

Opens 30 days after you complete sovereign sales school

My course on developing and expanding your capacity to tell the story of your business, find more clients, make more sales, and shift into a relationship to business that is in integrity with your human design AND your values.  

Want more one-on-one support too?
We've got you. And no, you don't have to commit today. And no, it's not limited time, but there is limited space.


$1200 a month

On-going, monthly one-on-one support with Makenna & our team

Once a month 90 minute call with Makenna.

And choose-your-own-adventure “unlimited” one-on-one calls with the rest of the team. Ok, you caught us, it’s not *truly* unlimited.  *BUT you can have up to two calls a week.  Which you *really* won’t need.  Which is why we call it unlimited.  Basically, if you need us, we’ll have a coach in your ear within 72 hours.  

How does this all go down?


You sign up, commit to 12 FULL MONTHS in the program.

Then you sign up for your one-on-one with Makenna & Erin. 45 minutes with each of us.


Where we will take a 360 degree audit of your current state of affairs, and get clear on the desired state of affairs.  We’ll set key indicators of your success, and get to know each other. 

immediate access to the membership site

You’ll have access to calls, community, and courses right away.  You can dive right in.  If you’re having trouble, there are regular calls with our community manager who can walk you through the space and answer ANY of your questions.

we match you to a circle (optional)

Within 30 days, we’ll match you to a circle based on your human design.  And then you embark on a long-term journey to step into your power as a CEO. You meet with your circle twice a month, and then have PLENTY of other group calls a month (within the larger community).

you're never alone in your business again

From the get go, you’ll have the BIG community and your inner circle community to connect with.

I’m not a big fan of watching people sink. That’s why you’ll never see me dump information and shove you out the door to ‘figure it out’.  I’ve been in those communities.  This is not one of them.  

We have a whole community (AND your mini-pods) full of members who are just like you, aching for “the” answer and discovering what that means, individually (and together).

Look, I’m not going to feed you any B.S. about how this is the “easy” way to do things. (It’s not). It takes work. It takes effort. It takes capacity. It takes play and tinkering. And trusting yourself to learn how business works.

See, I know my success story. But just because my journey looks one way doesn’t mean yours will look the same. You’re going to have a completely different (and beautiful) journey on the way to your own success (which will more than likely look different from mine as well).


What I mean, is that we all have our own energy to bring and we benefit from combining our energies together. It strengthens us rather than pulls us apart. As a collective, we become better.

And then? We’re able to lift one another up and offer our own experiences. (Can I get a Hell Yeah?)

So if your goal is to break a million a year? We’ll come up with a business strategy & a capacity plan to support your growth.

If your goal is to hire dozens of diverse individuals who support you? We’ll figure that out too.

If your goal is to start a podcast, write a book, or create sculptures out of cow dung… We’ll come up with a damn plan & hold your feet to the fire to support your implementation.

Because DIFFERENT OUTCOMES require DIFFERENT strategies. And different desires and energetics? Require different tactics and approaches.

It’s all individualized. For you. For good.


I believe this is the right way to do things as a coach and business owner.




you’ve got choices.

$1000 down, and $500 a month

$6,300 Paid in Full

Best Deal
Save $200, and get a half-day intensive as a bonus

The Sovereign CEO Whisperer

*waves wildly*

Hi! I’m Makenna. CEO and Leadership coach. I also happen to be a multi-passionate entrepreneur who’s built multiple profitable businesses during my time on this rock hurtling through space at 1000 MPH.

Before I took to the online world, and cultivated the elating and soul-sucking mythical 6-figure-coaching-business, I was a lecturer of Business and Economics at universities around the world.  SURPRISE!  I bring that energy to Sovereign CEO Circle, too.  

I’m a strange one in the online world, equally resourced in teaching, coaching, and business know-how.  Which makes me lethal in helping you grow your business, in accordance with your values, and on freaking purpose.

My mission on this dang planet?  Is to cut the nonsense of ‘this is the way to do things’ in the business world, and find YOUR way of doing this.  

Also? I am an Executive MBA student, ABD in my PhD program (where I  research the performativity of leadership especially among white dudes), runs multiple businesses, and I also coach other values-driven humans money that works for them, instead of against them.  Because wealth creation & well-capacitated income can occur without exploitation.  


In Addition to Makenna, we have a number of Co-Facilitators, Course Assistants, and assistant coaches.

Erin Zimmerman

Marketing & Visibility Expert, CMO of Art of Traction, Co-Holder of the Sovereign CEO Circle
Erin is a Visibility Strategist, helping marginalized voices create fun, sustainable action plans to grow their brands and make a name for themselves with ease. She is also a non-profit president, filmmaker + podcast producer, and loves to lift heavy weights and dance ballet! Erin currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri with her husband and their corgi puppy, Sandwiches.

Chris Nylund

Online Curriculum Development and TA
Chris is a rock-n-roll librarian who holds two masters degrees. One in library science, one in online curriculum development. When he's not assisting with the Makenna Held LLC team, he can be found attempting to grow a beard, and mashing the gitfiddle.

Ruby Peel

Community Coordinator & Future Writing Facilitator
Ruby's superpower is to ask you powerful questions, and cultivate deep belief in your ability to do things well. She's here to awaken your inner capacity, and keep your on task. She's your main link to the space, and also the human who sends you your presents each month. A mom, wife, and military veteran, she has a varied background and is the glue that holds the community together.

Our “Proof is in the Pudding” Guarantee

Look. So many programs are high-ticket priced simply for the optics of being ‘luxury’ or ‘expensive’.  Our pricing is built the way it is because…

The pricing has built in  what it costs for us to deliver it, cultivate profits, and still provide you extraordinary value. Not what it is ‘valued’ as. Value is subjective. Always. EVEN when tied to ROI.

Here’s the deal: We DO NOT do refunds. You’re in for 12 months once you’re in. If you leave the program for any reason, no money will be returned to you.  And you will not be welcomed back in the container.  And you will lose access to the retreat.

This program is a lean machine, and it is that way ON PURPOSE. It’s our main offer as a company. And if you know us, the other offers we have? Aren’t profit focused. They are giveback focused. This is the one that is focused on profits.

So what’s our guarantee? The proof in the proverbial pudding AND a big celebration when you crack YOUR key growth metric. That metric?  We’ll set it on our first call together! We will pick it together based on your desired outcomes. And when you reach it? We throw you a party.  Spa day?  Check!  Champagne or fancy mocktails? Check!  

Our goal in this space is steady-growth, on YOUR terms. With a focus on a long-term, sustainable strategy. And incremental gains.

Our goal for you? 3% MINIMUM growth per month, but we tend to encourage folks to 5-10%. BUT! We’ve had clients do much better than that by implementing this material. (In fact, we’ve had clients double their monthly revenue in weeks).

So…3% a month doesn’t seem like a lot does it? BUT!!!!! if you do 3% better per month, each and every month… by the end of the year your monthly revenue will be 50% higher than you started. 5%? Your monthly revenue will be 75% more than the start of the year. 10%? 214% increase on monthly revenue.  

We’re about incremental, measurable growth.  

Not convinced yet?

That's ok! Maybe it's not for you.

BUT, if you still have questions run on over to our Facebook Messenger and ask any question you can possibly imagine!  MAKENNA will answer them herself.  Not a bot, not an assistant.  Makenna herself.   


you’ve got choices

$1000 down, and $500 a month


Best Deal
Pay in full includes a half-day intensive as a bonus

Pssssst… I didn’t add a line by line ‘value’ breakdown because, value?  Is utterly and completely subjective.  What I CAN tell you, is that I know for a fact that this is the most comprehensive trainings and communities out there.  I built it that way on purpose.  After almost a decade in this dang space of online business.  

Looking for the part where I insert an array of “deep yet inspiring” before and after stories?

Yeah, I don’t think so.

Not because the process doesn’t work (because it does) or because I don’t have powerful stories to drop (because I do). Still, you won’t find that here…and here’s why

Everyone can focus on the good. The ups, downs, and side moves that happen along the journey? They never seem to find their place on fancy salespages. I’m not about to play you, or manipulate you, you’re too smart for that.

If you need before and after stories to get you inspired, this isn’t your kind of party. We are looking for business owners that are bringing their own motivation to the table, together we’ll create the rest.

The “one size fits all” storyline is bullshit. Your journey will be entirely unique because it’s about YOU. Your business, your team, your clients, your message in this world. So who the fuck cares what goes on in anyone else business?

If you’re looking for that next level of results, turning to what’s known and comfortable won’t help you here. So no before and afters, just real. That’s what I can promise you.

Who will THRIVE in Sovereign CEO Circle?

A Business owner who already knows how to make *some* money…

You’ve either made it recently or in the past.

I recommend you’re at a minimum revenue of $3500 a month, mostly so the monthly payments *work* for where you are.  But you can self-select that.  We just don’t cover ‘getting your first clients’, etc. 

Your business isn’t your whole life…

You love what you do (even if you currently hate how you deliver it, we’ll fix that)

But you *also* see business as a means to an end, not the end all be all.  *Most* of the body of work of Sovereign CEO circle is about shifting narratives around our relationship to work.

You want to use your business as a vehicle for change…

Yes, capitalist, white supremacist, patriarchy is broken. 

But you *also* see your business as a way to cultivate change.  You desire for new ways to cultivate profits on purpose, shift your relationships to money and capacity, and know that the best is yet to come.

Who might not jive with Sovereign CEO Circle?

People who need…

Their hand held every step of the way.  

While there is A TON of support within the space, there will be no exact step-by-step implementation plans.  We will support you, and have implementation built-in  But nothing is a step-by-step plan.

If your revenue is…

Over 7 figures a year, and is already ‘scaled’.

While the community might be a perfect fit, the growth strategies presented in Sovereign CEO Circle are built for business still growing and looking at figuring out how to scale. 

A business that….

ONLY cares about $$$$$ over everything else

Doesn’t matter if it’s profit or revenue.  If the only thing your business is in the world to do is make money, this is not the space for you.  We spend A LOT of time discussing impacts on the people, planets, and how profits intersect with that.  

Have any more questions?  We’d love to answer them! 
This may not be for you. BUT, if you still have questions run on over to our Facebook Messenger and ask any question you can possibly imagine!  MAKENNA will answer them herself.  Not a bot, not an assistant.  Makenna herself.   

If you've tried *everything*, and you're still feeling stuck? Or you've tried (and had some success) with too many programs that simply *didn't have* an ROI?

Here's my appeal to you.

Many self-proclaimed online ‘business experts’ aren't experts in business at all. Whatsoever.

They’re expertise? Building their kind of business, in their distinct way, that another coach taught them how to do and thus teach. It’s recycled, it’s tired. And it’s only in the *relatively* small circle of online business that this is a thing.

*spoiler alert* the online marketing world would rather you not know that…business strategy has never and will never be one-size-fits-all.

But selling a ‘method’ or tactic with the messaging of ‘see Becky did it, so you can too’? Well…sells. 

It’s dreamy to sell a ‘solution’, because when you’re a struggling small business owner? You want answers. Because entrepreneurship is challenging. It can be soul-crushing. And the lighthouse of a fix? It’s a balm for our much needed entrepreneur burns.


These courses? These tactics?

Sure, they provide things for you to deploy. BUT they don’t give you any strategic support for a sustainable, long-term business that resonates with YOU, your clients, or your product/service. And they certainly DO NOT make you better at running a business.

Running your business better?

THAT requires building capacity.

Which is exactly why I built Sovereign CEO Circle.

To support entrepreneurs to build capacity to…

* cultivate their own strategies, and discern how to leverage them
* make more effective decisions within their businesses
* lead themselves and their teams more effectively
* and build a more profitable business built for longevity.

The thing about strategy? It is and *should* be coveted. Because strategy is always customized when done correctly.

Customized to the business, the humans who run it, the product/service they sell, and who they sell it to. This is why strategists are crucial and make damn good money.

Because….What works to sell therapy is different than what works to sell coaching.
And selling coaching effectively doesn’t mean you know diddly squat about selling cruelty-free, vegan, crystal infused candles.
Selling those candles well? Doesn’t mean you can sell a book/CBD products/organic kombucha/etc.

A strategy doesn’t start with jamming round tactics into square holes. Strategy starts with knowing what you WANT to get out of your business – those desired outcomes, goals, and visions. THAT cultivates the strategy itself.

Guess what? You’re not going to find that in those business-in-a-box offers.

But you will find it here.

So, are you ready to Dive-in? ?

Investment is $1000 down, and $300 a month.

Questions asked by my community as I wrote the sales page

Honestly?  I can’t help you there.  This is literally one of the best priced offerings I can find on the internet that teaches you all this, and guarantees you results. *shrugs*. It is built for entrepreneurs already making $3,000 a month, or know they have that capacity.  If it feels like a stretch, that is aok.  But it shouldn’t feel *painful*. 

It is. I decided that it was time to take a stand on ‘high-ticket’ pricing. I believe it is possible to get a premium product for a middle of the road price. THAT is this program. It’s the thing I needed years ago, when I was wasting my would-be profits on five figure coaching packages (that I should have been reinvesting into my business).

Because it’s etymology comes ‘master’ from dutch. And it was a UNIQUELY American word, and simply a way to avoid using the world ‘master’ which of course was associated with slavery. So fuck that. I am not the master of my business OR my team members or YOU. And I am NOT the boss. Also the whole #bossbabe, #girlboss nonsense is simply a way to further demean women, even if we use it as empowerment.  We don’t need to gender it, we can simply BE it.

Because even if you are the OEO (only executive officer) in your business, you should STILL be the lead decision maker. And an efficacious one at that.  Executive is misused over and over about being ‘in command’ and that leadership is about ‘commanding’ (see also almost any book about leadership written by a white dude in the past 10 years.) But!  CEO means chief executive officer, which is about executive capacity, which is about decision making.  So if anything I actually don’t see CEO as overused, but rather as misused, and misunderstood. I know a lot of small business owners don’t want to be viewed as a CEO, they just want to be business owners.  I think we should all strive to be the CEOs of our businesses and lives, and NOT bosses.  

Because frankly?  Even if you decide the community and year in the space isn’t a *perfect* fit for you? (This won’t happen.  We cultivate your inner circle around key performance indicators and human design.  Y’all will be swimming in connectedness). The intake one-on-one call with Makenna and the retreat will be worth the price of admission.  For *many* business retreats, the price of admission is three times this space.  And I have good reviews from people, you can view them here.  

So, are you Ready to JOIN IN?

So....ONE LAST RUN THROUGH ON WHAT'S INCLUDED (and some other things we couldn't mention in the sales page)?

A one-on-one Intake call with Makenna

Daily Implementation & Coworking Sessions

Daily Visioning Sessions to expand your Capacity

A library of courses you can access anytime

A small group Circle & a larger community

WEEKLY CONTENT REVIEW and EDIT by trained and Super Effective Copywriters/Podcast editors/Video Editors

A gorgeous retreat with the entire Community to Guatemala

Sales AND marketing covered to the umpteenth degree

Personal and professionally focused for Capacity building

Mindset Support, but this is NOT a therapeutic Program

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Trainings Once a year

Trauma Informed Coaching Staff

Tiered payment options to support different support desires/needs

A focused, Year-long container

Priced the same as Many DIY courses

Look. So many programs are high-ticket simply for the sake of high-ticket. Our pricing is built the way it is because it’s what it costs for us to deliver it. Not what it is ‘valued’ as. Value is subjective, unless it is tied to ROI. 

Here’s the deal: We DO NOT do refunds. You’re in for 12 months once you’re in. This program is a lean machine, and it is that way ON PURPOSE. It’s our main offer as a company. And if you know us, the other offers we have? Aren’t profit focused. They are giveback focused. This is the one that is focused on profits.

So what’s our guarantee? The proof in the proverbial pudding AND a big celebration when you crack YOUR key growth metric. (That we’ll set on our first call together! YOU and I pick it together. And when you reach it? We throw you a virtual party.)

Our goal in this space is steady-growth, on YOUR terms. With a focus on a long-term, sustainable strategy. Incremental gains.

Our goal for you? A 3% MINIMUM growth per month with a goal of 5-10%. BUT! We’ve had clients do much better than that by implementing this material. (In fact, we’ve had clients double their monthly revenue in weeks).


So…3% a month doesn’t seem like a lot does it? BUT!!!!! if you do 3% better per month, each and every month… by the end of the year your monthly revenue will be 50% higher than you started. 5%? Your monthly revenue will be 75% more than the start of the year. 10%? 214% increase on monthly revenue.

"Proof is in the Pudding"


you’ve got choices.

All packages require

$1000 to start. Then….

$1000 down, and $300 a month

Group coaching, Retreat, and Community

paid in full

Includes a bonus half-day intensive with Makenna

Hi! Makenna here. Below you’ll find a few more goodies from my space you should check out.

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Hear more regularly from me!

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