Take Action, Expand your Capacity, And Actualize your VISION, in Community

You own a business.  

You want it to grow in impact and profits.  But….HOW?

REAL TALK?:  You don’t need new tactics.  You likely don’t even need more strategy (unless we’re getting clear on your energetic strategy).  And you certainly don’t need another freaking online course telling you THIS IS THE WAY to grow your business (especially when the entrepreneur teaching you this tactic/strategy?  Didn’t grow their business that way).


So what’s an entrepreneur to do?  How do you grow that business of yours? Well…You…

Simple right? 😉

The Good news? that is exactly what we do at the Art of Traction. 

We Work to cultivate business owners into Well-Resourced, Sovereign CEOs.

Through our theory of change, the Sovereign CEO method, we work to unfetter harmful conditioning, teach business acumen (not just strung together tactics), and aid our people in the capacity to hold and actualize their visions–in service of a more verdant & equitable way of being. 

We love to work with entrepreneurs to DO BIG WORK, and rise above the noise.  We believe that all business owners need to be CEOs, not as a vanity metric, but as a practice.  The CEO of a business is the Chief Executive aka lead decision maker of a company.  Perhaps you’re not a Fortune 500, the size of your business doesn’t matter,  These skills are crucial, and often are the difference between a company thriving vs. surviving.

  Look. it doesn’t take courage to pretend that YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS ARE DOING JUST 'FINE'.

Courage is admitting....something's gotta give. that you're ready for Extraordinary, expansive, and Joyful. not just 'Fine'.

Get Ready to jump in to SOVEREIGN CEO Coaching. Here's how you can work with us....


The Art of Traction Community

An online community focused on getting shit done and includes:  Monthly money momentum calls focused on figuring out the next 30 days of traction on cashflow; Weekly movement sessions with breathwork, EFT, and heartfirst movement work; Daily co-future writing sessions, and Daily deep focus sessions for taking care of one task you’ve been avoiding, and two sprints to do deep focused work on your projects at hand. 100% profit sharing.  

It’s a sliding scale community.  From $27-77 a month. Click here to learn more and join in.  



ENROLLS ON A ROLLING BASIS, Next enrollment begins in March 2021.

Sovereign CEO Circle is a Business School and Community for renegades, dreamers, & soulful entrepreneurs. Business strategy to your tastes, preferences, personal design. Marketing for your ideal clients. Sales with sovereignty. Financial planning & money work for people who hate capitalism. Build a strengths-focused, heartwork dream team.  Values, desires, and Human Design driven. Utterly tailorable.  A deep dive, that goes far beyond traditional b-school in what marketing, strategy, and structure in business REALLY is. (Hint:  it’s not tactics only) 



Future Writing is a process for individuals & teams to vision into the unknown and uncharted, without guilt or fear.  It is the art of traction (fuck the law of attraction) made manifest.  One step at a time to cultivate infinitely generative capacity and reach your goals/dreams/what-have-yous.

It’s $27.  Click here to enroll.  

Ready to take your next step towards being a Sovereign CEO?

What folks have to say about Our Work


No more Recipes.

Just a customized blueprint for growing into a Sovereign CEO™ of your world-shifting business.

It’s not as reckless as the Orwellian rule followers would like you to believe. It’s about learning to trust yourself, your vision, and your inner wisdom. To allow yourself to strive to be your most exceptional & build profits without guilt. And to do it all while doing the work you’re meant to do.

Why does this matter?

Because a one size fits all” strategy does not work in the long-run.  For anyone.  The truth of the matter is? We’re all born into this world wildly different in terms of desires, capacity, and energy.  And, despite what our capitalist, patriarchal overlords want us to believe?  There is no one size fits all dream. The capitalist dream is an authoritarian-impeded fallacy. So, ultimately? The only person that can make your business/career/life work is you

Full-flavored, unfettered, vision-led, 100% you.  

Guided and collaborative when you need it.

Bonus::  If you’re working to shift your consciousness, work, and impact away from the white supremacist, heteronormative, patriarchal structures that have raged creativity, connection, relation, and joy?  We’ll be a jolly good match.


Ready to savor a
(big & permanent shift) in how you approach actualizing your vision & cultivating thriving profits in your business?

Get the Future Writing® Workshop and one month access to an infinitely supportive community space for $27.  AND learn the one and only thing you need to change everything. Really.


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