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“I am enough” shouldn’t be something you aspire to.

It shouldn’t be your mantra.

For a long time that was my main aspiration to just feel like ‘I was enough’.  But here’s the thing I discovered…you will never be enough. Because you are the exact opposite of enough.

Hear me out.

ENOUGH quite literally means ‘sufficient’. See also: Moderately, fairly tolerable. Ummm…no thank you. Please and ‘next!’

Gorgeous, expansive, infinite human reading this?

You will never be ‘sufficient’ for any of your big dreams, because by the time you reach that next level you’ll already long for something ‘next’. It’s human nature when you’re constantly evolving, you’re constantly seeking new capacity.

And you are not moderately or fairly tolerable. You are fucking resplendent beyond measure, gorgeous soul.

You are stardust embodied, you are a piece of the dream of the universe. You are not enough, because you are not merely sufficient. 

Try instead….PLENTY.

Full. Perfect. Abundant. Overfilling. 

YOU, gorgeous soul, ARE PLENTY. You have plenty of capacity. You have plenty of possibility. You ARE plentiful in ability, love, talent, and resourcefulness. You are PLENTIFUL in your infinite worth. You are worthy of all that you desire.

You. Are. Plenty.

Plenty tumbles from every cell of your being. You are plenty. You are plenty. You are plenty. You are all that AND more.

So remember that, and make sure you surround yourself with people who see it. Know it. Feel it deep in their bones that you are MORE than sufficient. You are abundant, and plenty.

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